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Ligustrum Japonicum Variegata.
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Ligustrum Japonicum Variegata. Japanese Privet or wax-leaf privet.

Ligustrum Japonicum Variegata, Better known as Japanese privet or wax-leaf privet, this evergreen shrub is native to Japan. Sometimes reaching the appearance of a tree, it grows to heights of up to 4m. A species quick in growth, it has a lifespan of up to 100 years. Its timber being hard and elastic is used in the fabrication of baskets and cages. Famed in gardening, it is frequently used either for the creation of hedges or windbreaks or as an ornamental because of its colouring and spectacular blossoming. It is an species for garden designing as it grows rapidly and does not require intensive maintenance.

Apart from this species, there exists a well-known variety named Ligustrum Japonicum Variegatum which is characterised by its yellowish, dotted leaves.

Formato :   circumference 10/12 – 12/14 – 14/16- 16/18 – 18/20 - 20/25 – 25/30 -30/35- 35/40 in bare roots or wire netting. 

                   circunference 14/16 – 18/20 – 25/30- 30/35 – 35/40 - 40/45 – 45/50 in Co container.

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