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Betula Pendula.
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Betula Pendula. Silver Birch or Warty Birch.

Betula Pendula Roth / Betula Verrucosa, Commonly known as silver birch or warty birch, this species belonging to the Betulaceae family is native to many European regions, eastern Siberia and Asia as well as northern Morocco. All Betula are famed ornamental species for their silvery bark and their colourful foliage in autumn. It can reach heights of up to 30m, quickly prospering in its early years. The silver birch has a marvelously whitish bark with black stains. It is a typical element of deciduous, northern forests along with pine trees, oaks or beeches. It is frequently planted in rows along roads, often in areas where fog is frequent, as its trunk is well visible. It is a tree requiring sunlight, comfortable with loose, sandy-siliceous and acid soil. It is not affected by low temperatures but does not resist well against heat and drought

Format :            Circumference 10/12 – 12/14 – 14/16- 16/18 – 18/20 in bare roots or wire netting.

                                   Circumference 16/18 – 18/20- 20/25- 25/30- 30-35 and  doubles in CO.

 Situación Cultius Ponç

Ctra. Hostalric/St Celoni (C-35) Km 64,1
08470 Sant Celoni (Barcelona) SPAIN

 Teléfono Cultius Ponç

(TEL)  (+34) 972 871 451

(FAX)  972 871 452

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