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Betula Alba
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Betula Alba. Abedul - White Birch.

Betula Alba / Betula Pubescens , Known under the names of downy birch, moor birch, white birch or hairy birch, this member of the Betulaceae has its origins in Europe and Asia. This deciduous species is extremely decorative due to yellow foliage in autumn and its white bark which comes off in patches. Blossoming in spring, it is a quickly growing tree at young age, lessening its pace when growing older. A species of great medical value, it is highly demanding in terms of water and does not tolerate well intense heat in summer. Fairly tolerant to winter frost, it adapts best to acid, fresh and loose ground, never to limy soil. The birch demands an elevated level of humidity in its environment, being frequently encountered along rivers and wetlands.

Format :          Circumference  10/12 – 12/14 – 14/16- 16/18 – 18/20 – 20/25 y 25/30 in bare roots or wire netting

                        Circumference 10/12 – 12/14 – 20/25 and 25/30 in CO too.

 Situación Cultius Ponç

Ctra. Hostalric/St Celoni (C-35) Km 64,1
08470 Sant Celoni (Barcelona) SPAIN

 Teléfono Cultius Ponç

(TEL)  (+34) 972 871 451

(FAX)  972 871 452

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