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Jubaea Chilensis.
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Jubaea Chilensins. Chilean wine Palm or Coquito Palm.

Jubaea Chilensis / Jubaea spectabilis, Commonly known as Chilean wine palm or coquito palm, it belongs to the Jabaea family, native to Chile. Its trunk is imposing, vertical in growth, with long leaves bending towards the ground. It reaches heights of up to 20m, with its trunk reaching diametres of up to 1,5m. It is a tree slow in growth, gaining 20cm each year. It is usually commercialised in pots and at a young age, as it becomes more difficult and costly to transplant it when older. It is of great interest to landscape architects given its resistance to low temperatures, frost and intensive sunlight. With its majestic appearance, it is often used along wide avenues.

Format : Jubaea Chilensis CO 40/80 cm trunk

                 Jubaea Chilensis wrapped in mesh 200/250

                 Jubaea Chilensins wrapped in mesh  250/300

                 Jubaea Chilensis wrapped in mesh  300/+

 Situación Cultius Ponç

Ctra. Hostalric/St Celoni (C-35) Km 64,1
08470 Sant Celoni (Barcelona) SPAIN

 Teléfono Cultius Ponç

(TEL)  (+34) 972 871 451

(FAX)  972 871 452

There are no products in your cart.