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Cyca Revoluta
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Cyca Revoluta. Sago Palm.

Cyca Revoluta, Also known as sago palm, king sago, sago cycad or Japanese sago palm, this ornamental belongs to the Cicadáceas family and is native to the southern-Japanese island of Ryukyu. It is a very ancient plant, a living fossil whose appearance gives the impression of it being a palm when it actually is not. Slow in growth, it takes 20 to 30 years for it to grow one metre, making it a worthwhile alternative to a bonsai. It can be held interior, but the plant dwells best in open-air settings. It requires lots of light near the window or sunlight, avoiding exposition to intense midday-sunshine. The sago palm adapts to temperatures ranging from -11 to 42 C° and requires water most of all during foliage. Its main enemies are the woodlouse and water shortage, requiring a well-draining soil and effective ventilation.

Formato : Cyca Revoluta in CO 20/40 cm – 40/60 cm and Cyca Revoluta Specimen representative.

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