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Brahea Armata
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Brahea Armata, Blue Palm or Blue Hesper Palm.

Brahea Armata, Known as Mexican blue palm or “blue hesper palm”, it belongs to the Arecaceae (earlier known as Palmaceae), native to Lower California. It is a very resilient tree with its trunk reaching heights of up to 12 metres. Slow in growth, it can not be produced in great numbers. This species represents an idael solution to occupy a priviliged position within the design of a park or garden. It deals well with temperatures of up to -10 C°, but also adapts well to warmer coastal regions without suffering from dry periods. Adapts well to poorer, but well-draining soils.

Format : Brahea Armata CO 30/100 cm.

 Situación Cultius Ponç

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08470 Sant Celoni (Barcelona) SPAIN

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