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Olea E. Zar Malla 120/140

Olea europea, Olive trees belong to the Oleaceae family, its origins lying in the Mediterranean. Its name comes from the term “óleum”, meaning oil. Symbolizing the Mediterranean culture like no other tree, it is widely spread all around Spain where it is valued most of all for its fruits, the olive or aceitunas, and the high-quality oil which can be obtained from them.

From a certain age on, these sometimes centenarian trees are mostly used because of their attractive appearance. Not only can they reach an age of up to 1500 years, they are also easily transplanted even at an adult age. Within Spain, one encounters a high range of sub-species, counting up to 300 different types.

Olive trees flourish best in warm and sunny settings, but also put up with worse climate conditions. What they do not tolerate is exceeding humidity, which is why they have to be planted on a renovated, well-drained ground, where it will prosper without difficulty. It adapts easily to poorer types of ground. It shows also great resistance against strong winds, pollution, excessive heat, drought, shortage of nutrition and poor maintenance.

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