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Pyrus Comunis / Peral
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Pyrus Comunis / Pear Tree.

Pyrus comunis, The pear tree is a member of the Rosaceae native to eastern Europe and western Asia. Pyramidal in shape and with an average lifespan of about 65 years, it reaches heights of aprox. 20m. It produces numerous varieties of pear. It flourishes best in moderate, fairly humid climates, resisting better against cold than against heat. It demands cold winters, few late episodes of frost and sunny springs and summers with soft temperatures. It requires a specific soil, best dwelling on siliceous, clayish ground, permeable and healthy. It requires homogeneous and profound soil, neither too dry nor too humid.

Format :           circunference 6/8 in format 10l

                        Circumference 14/16 in format 50l

                        Circumference 20/25 in format 70l

 Situación Cultius Ponç

Ctra. Hostalric/St Celoni (C-35) Km 64,1
08470 Sant Celoni (Barcelona) SPAIN

 Teléfono Cultius Ponç

(TEL)  (+34) 972 871 451

(FAX)  972 871 452

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