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Quercus Ilex
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Quercus Ilex. Evergreen oak, Holm oak or Holly oak.

Quercus Ilex / Quercus Rotundifolia ,Commonly known as evergreen oak, holm oak or holly oak, this member of the Fagaceae family is native to the Mediterranean region. Being very resistant to both strong heat and cold, this tree is frequently encountered in Morocco, Tunesia, Turkey and France. It might be considered the most “spanish” tree, as it can be found in every province of the Spanish mainland. Normally heightening 8-10m, it can reach heights of up to 30m. With its dense, round crown, it offers a bushy appearance. Growing at an average rate, its acorns are used in farming and food industry applications. Its solid, hard timber is used in the fabrication of tools or converted into a high-performance type of charcoal.

Its ornamental qualities make it an ideal choice even for smaller gardens, but it develops best in spacious parks, isolated or in groups. It is a noble tree offering pleasant shadow which dwells on all types of soil, except for sandy, salty grounds and marshlands. Resistant to heat, cold and drought, it likes sunny settings best. Recovers quickly after trimming, as it grows of its roots, surviving even severe fires.

Format : Quercus Ilex en CO DE 110L - 375/285 L – 750 L and Specimen representative.

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